Sarah Fennuik

My name is Sarah Fennuik and I am the owner of Posh Paws. My career in dog grooming and the pet industry began 11 years ago when I was hired as a Bather/Brusher at a large corporation. During my time there, I was able to complete my training and obtained my grooming certifications. After spending 2 years in the corporate environment, I decided to look for other opportunities in the grooming industry. I wanted to be able to spend more time with my fur clients. I applied at Posh Paws and was asked that same day to do a test groom. Upon completion of the test groom, I was hired on the spot. I was able to quickly build up clientele and loved being in a smaller more personal environment. After I had been at Posh Paws for about 6 months, the owner at the time had decided to leave Regina and presented me with the opportunity to purchase the business. I readily agreed! Purchasing Posh Paws allowed me to combine my love of dogs and grooming with my desire to own my business. Since taking over Posh Paws, I have cultivated a relationship with Bright Eyes Dog Rescue. Posh Paws provides free grooming services to all foster dogs in the care of Bright Eyes so that each dog looks and smells their best to increase their chances of finding a forever home. My own dog, Chester, was a Bright Eyes rescue. He was brought into the shop for grooming and I fell in love with him and knew it was meant to be. Chester is now our shop dog and he comes to work with me as often as possible. After 7 years of owning Posh Paws, the business its still thriving and I look forward each day to waking up and seeing what the day will bring. I especially love when young puppies come in for their first groom. I feel taking the time to groom a young puppy properly with gentle caring hands sets a lifetime precedent for how a dog will feel about their future spa visits.